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Governor Cuomo Vetoes Port Ambrose

On November 12th Governor Cuomo vetoed the proposed Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas facility. His quick decision, a week after the final public hearings, showed that this project was dangerous and unnecessary. Read Governor Cuomo's veto letter here. 

Waves of thanks to everyone who fought along side us for over seven years to stop LNG off our coast. We will continue to monitor this issue. 

Even though Governor Cuomo's veto has stopped the proposal, it is critically important that Governor Christie affirm his vow to veto Port Ambrose, making this a bi-state and bi-partisan victory, as well as a warning to fossil fuel companies to stay away from our coast. 

Liberty at last - Port Ambrose is dead in the water! We will continue to work tirelessly against any fossil fuel infrastructure off the New York and New Jersey coast. 




Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Ports off the NY/NJ Coast

Over the past few years, three industrial LNG port facilities have been proposed off the New York and New Jersey coasts.  So far, all have been blocked!  These LNG ports would bring dependence on foreign fossil fuels, increased greenhouse gas emissions, habitat destruction, security risks, increased Coast Guard and policing costs, more pollution to our shores, and would close-off vast areas of our ocean waters to recreational and commercial uses.



Recently, given the low price of natural gas in the US and the high price of gas overseas, energy companies have applied to the federal government to export domestically produced natural gas.  In a blow to the quest for energy independence, the government has already authorized about 10% of our American daily natural gas production to be sent overseas once a few LNG ports have finished installing "liquefaction" technology (first exports: 2014).  Why is this dangerous? It will increase our energy prices (for gas and electricity) and will increase pressure on shale gas extraction (aka, fracking). 


For more on Exports, check out our Clean Ocean Action blog posts on the issue.




Why is LNG the wrong choice? 

Liquefied Natural Gas:

  • is grossly more polluting than domestic natural gas, resulting in up to 40% more greenhouse gas emissions (due to LNG life cycle of extraction, cooling to liquid form at -259°F, transport from overseas, and heating to gas form),
  • increases our use and dependence on foreign fossil fuels,
  • port facilities and supplies that exist are under-utilized and can more than meet our region’s energy needs,
  • steers us in the wrong direction away from existing conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy technologies & options,
  • is unnecessary.  We are currently energy independent in natural gas in the U.S. and there is no demand for imported foreign sources.

Why is LNG a bad choice for the ocean? 

The LNG facilities will:

  • devastate important fish habitat, and impact endangered and threatened species,
  • damage seafloor habitat,
  • destroy vast quantities of marine life by refilling huge emptied tankers with billions of gallons of seawater to replace LNG cargoes, 
  • create navigational hazards, leading to accidents & spills,
  • be exposed to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, nor’easters, and wind & wave risks. 


The Governor of NJ has veto authority over all LNG proposals and has expressed his steadfast opposition to these projects.


Many groups, businesses, and municipalities have signed resolutions opposing LNG and the proposed facilities.  For a list, click here. 

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