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NJ Legislators to Lead Fight in Trenton to Block Port Ambrose

Dangerous Offshore Project is Back

Governor Christie “Get Your Veto Pen Ready”


Elected officials, environmental leaders, and concerned citizens gathered on October 5 in Sea Bright to launch the final battle against Port Ambrose, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility located 28 miles off New Jersey and 18 miles off Long Island.  After months of reviewing the over 200 data gaps, including pipeline deficiencies, finances, and the tens of thousands comments opposing the facility, the clock is set to restart on the project sometime in October. This will be the final opportunity to stop Port Ambrose and urge Governor Christie to keep his vow to veto any LNG facility off our coast.  At the press event, the anti-Port Ambrose coalition replayed the video of Governor Chris Christies vowing to veto any LNG project off the Jersey Shore. The video(below) is of the Governor on Earth Day, April 22nd 2010, stating “as long as I am governor I will oppose any application for any type of liquefied natural gas project.” 

Senator Beck and Assemblywoman Casagrande are leading the legislative charge in Trenton against Port Ambrose. Senator Beck and Assemblywoman Casagrande are sponsors of resolution SR21/AR202 (respectively) opposing Port Ambrose and urging Governor Christie to veto the project.  Their resolutions raise the many concerns about the proposed pipeline including the environmental and safety impacts. 

Click here to sign up to get involved in the final LNG Port Ambrose battle!

For more information, visit Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) on our website.





Registration is Open! 

Join us for the inaugural Sandy Paws dog walk this Saturday October 10th at 9am! This fundraising event will promote clean beaches for pets and people.

Pre-Registration has closed, please join us at Asbury Park!

1)      Participate in Sandy Paws at the main location at the 5th Ave beach in Asbury Park. Along the boardwalk there will be vendors, free giveways, and a "tail"-gate party. Each registered dog will receive a Sandy Paws Bandanna!

2)      Become a “Pack Leader” and organize a walk at a location of your choice. Please follow this link for more information. This must be arranged with COA by Monday October 5th to receive supplies and dog bandanas. 

4) Register to walk at a location near you. This is ideal for not so friendly dogs, busy schedules, or out of state residents.  

3)      Start a page on Crowdrise with a minimum donation of $35 for your dog. Invite friends and family to support your pooch! Prizes will be given to the top dogs that raise the most.



Pre-registration is now open for the October 24th Beach Sweeps! Please visit the Beach Sweeps' site page for more details about locations. 

Debris Free Sea Conference 

In honor of the 30th Annual Beach Sweeps

In celebration of thirty years of citizen action, COA will be hosting a marine debris conference Debris Free Seas – Finding solution through science and citizen action - on Wednesday, November 11th at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. The conference will be a one-day symposium, highlighting the success of the Beach Sweeps program, the ocean advocates involved, and the data that has resulted. In addition, the conference will discuss the larger issue of marine debris as it relates to science, policy, education, and citizen action. The workshops offered will encourage widespread participation from not only citizens and volunteers, but also scientists, politicians and students to promote discussion on local, state and national levels.

Speakers include representatives from ANJEC, Monmouth University’s Urban Coastal Institute, TerraCycle, Long Beach, Bridgewater Environmental Commissions, and more.

Students, teachers, & Beach Captains are FREE, sign up here!

All others $10 before October 25th. Register today! 





12 Steps to Kick your Plastic Habit

For COA's summer 2015 C.O.A.S.T program, we launched a guide to help citizens reduce their use of plastics, which has become a chronic and lethal pollution problem in the ocean. Called "12 Steps to Kick Your Plastic Habit," the campaign links the near-daily use of single use plastic disposals to an addiction, warranting recognition of the overuse and commitment to withdrawal.

Click here to read the 12 steps and start kicking your plastic habit today! 

Sign the Pledge to reduce your plastic footprint!

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COA's Microplastics Research

To document the scope and magnitude of microplastics on New Jersey beaches, in waterways, along the coastline and in marine life, COA put together a committee of international and national scientists in January 2014 to establish a model for marine ecosystems. In collaboration with this research team, specifically the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), COA launched the first microplastics research study in New Jersey with initial sampling beginning in the Spring of 2014. No similar project has been completed to date. 

For more information about this research project and to download COA's Microplastics Research Agenda, click here. Questions? Contact Catie Tobin.

Help support this study by making a contribution today at COA's Crowdrise Campaign.



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