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Seismic Surveying Infographic


To create a visual representation of seismic, Haley Jordan, a COA volunteer, has worked tirelessly to assist us in designing a seismic surveying infographic. Waves of thanks to Haley! Click here to view the infographic.

If you'd like permission to use the infographic, please contact us at 732-872-0111

Christie Administration Seeks Federal Court Ruling to Stop Seismic Research Project

The Christie Administration filed a complaint in the US District Court arguing the Rutgers seismic study should be stopped because it will adversely impact economically vital commercial and recreational fisheries and harm marine mammals.

Read NJDEP's press statement. 

NJDEP strongly condemns the seismic study!

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Commissioner Martin has written a letter formally requesting the Director of the National Science Foundation to postpone the seismic testing study. The Commissioner notes that the "DEP is a strong supporter of research to increase scientific understanding of our environment. Such research should not, however, come at a cost of a community's welfare." 

Read the full letter here.

Governor Christie Vows to Fight Ocean Blasting!

Governor Christie gauranteed to fight! On Friday, May 29th, Clean Ocean Action was at a press conference in Belmar where Governor Christie announced he will continue to fight the Rutgers seismic study. The Governor stated:

"It does not make any sense to me. It's not smart. We shouldn't do it." 

Help Stop Rutgers Ocean Blasting! 

Rutgers University Ocean blasting study is now, 26 times worse than orginally proposed! If permitted, the Rutgers University study can cause any act of pursuit, torment, or annoyance to 18,457 marine mammals, including over 12,500 bottlenose dolphins and their infant calves. In addition, 5 species of endangered sea turtles will also be harmed including Kemps Ridley - the most endangered sea turtle on the planet! 

The relentless seismic blasts from air gun arrays at 246 decibels, every 5-6 seconds, 24 hours a day for 30 days can cause serious harm. The newly issued Incidental Harassment Authorization by federal officials would allow torment of over 32 species, mostly bottlenose dolphins, as well as endangered species such as the northern right whale, humpback, sei, fin, blue and sperm whales. For more information on takings and level B harassment please visit our blog.

New Jersey elected officials are taking action to defend our ocean and marine life!

NJ Senator President Sweeney & US Representative Pallone, authored a letter directed to Rutgers University President Barchi, urging him to cancel the study or at a minimum schedule it for outside peak summer months and revise the plan to be less harmful to marine life. Read the full letter here.

In addition, US Senator Cory Booker wrote to Dr. Sullivan, administrator of NOAA, formally requesting that the National Marine Fisheries Service withdraw the IHA and reopen the comment period so that concerned organizations and the public are given a meaningful opportunity to review this survey. 

 Add your name to the cause - sign our petition today! 

For more information on seismic testing, please visit our Issues & Campaigns page.



Nearly 4,000 Volunteers Swept the Beaches at the 30th Annual Spring Beach Sweeps

Waves of thanks to everyone who participated in our 30th Annual Spring Beach Sweeps! 4,000 volunteers hit the beaches at over 70 sites from Essex County to Cape May County!

A HUGE thank you to our Beach Captains, the lead volunteers who lead the entire group of participants at each Beach Sweep location. 

Clean Ocean Action may organize the cleanup and compile the data, but it is truly the Beach Captains and the volunteers that are the heard and soul of this program. Thank you! 

To check out pictures from the event please go to our Facebook page. 

The 2014 Beach Sweeps Data is in! Check out the 2014 Annual report. 



Issue Alert: Save Our Shores from LNG

Waves of Thanks to All Those Who Submitted Comments Against Port Ambrose LNG

Opposition Overwhelms Process; Feds Delays Port Ambrose


Due to massive public opposition, questions regarding fiscal responsibility, air quality conformity issues, and pipeline depth deficiencies, the US Coast Guard and the Maritime Administration (MARAD), in a letter dated March 17th, has asked that the "clock be stopped," thus stalling the process on the Port Ambrose LNG facility application. 

Public response included 60,000 comments in opposition including detailed comments prepared by COA on behalf of 53 broad-based organizations from NY and NJ representing environmental, fishing, faith, green- energy, and business groups. 

Indeed, opposition keeps growing as do calls for Governors Cuomo and Christie to veto. In New York, 52 bi-partisan legislators have signed a letter against the proposed plan and urging a veto. In New Jersey, a resolution has been introduced in both the Senate (SR 21) and Assembly (AR17), against the Port Ambrose LNG facility, calling for a veto. 

Let's continue to work together to make sure we sink this proposal once and for all.



COA's Microplastics Research

To document the scope and magnitude of microplastics on New Jersey beaches, in waterways, along the coastline and in marine life, COA put together a committee of international and national scientists in January 2014 to establish a model for marine ecosystems. In collaboration with this research team, specifically the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), COA launched the first microplastics research study in New Jersey with initial sampling beginning in the Spring of 2014. No similar project has been completed to date. 

For more information about this research project and to download COA's Microplastics Research Agenda, click here. Questions? Contact Catie Tobin.

Help support this study by making a contribution today at COA's Crowdrise Campaign.



Municipal Blue Star Program

Is your town Sustainable Jersey certified or interested in obtaining certification? Then the Municipal Blue Star program is for you! Learn about COA's new municipal Blue Star Program that is in collaboration with Sustainable Jersey's Certification Program. Our goal is to inspire towns to achieve Sustainable Jersey certification and reap its benefits, while at the same time focusing on watershed-wide water quality improvements.

For more information contact Catie Tobin via email or call 732-872-0111.


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