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BOEM Swamped by Comments

Opposing New Offshore Drilling

The August 17th deadline for comments to oppose new plans for offshore drilling in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific has come and gone.  Comments from around the country swamped the federal docket to oppose the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM).  BOEM officials believe it may take more than a week for all comments to be uploaded to the on-line docket.  The Atlantic and Clean Ocean Zone was well represented with thousands of letters, including opposition from Governor Chris Christie, and a most impressive roster of 66 federal members of congress and state officials.  

NJ Governor Chris Christie stood firm and in a letter on his behalf by the NJDEP the position was clear, “…the State of New Jersey opposes any portion of the North Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Ocean being included in the development of a National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas leasing program.”

Endless waves of thanks to all of you and the many the elected leaders who stood up for the ocean!  BOEM expects the decision before the end of the year, but it could come sooner.  Seismic blasting permits from Delaware to Florida are still pending  and can happen any time.  


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