Clean Ocean Action



Businesses located at the Jersey Shore understand the importance of a clean ocean and its ability to generate over $32.4 billion in tourism dollars, and billions more in commercial and recreational fishing.


Each participating business in COA's "It's a Jersey Shore Thing" campaign chose a sponsorship level and will fundraise from Memorial Day to Labor Day – the 99 days of summer to support COA's mission and protect the ocean.

Up and Coming Events include:

July 27th at Russell and Bette's Five course meal and wine pairing. $20 from every ticket will benefit COA!

August 3rd at AB Fitness Workout, pop up shopping, &  more! A portion of proceeds will benefit COA!

August 16th with Aqua Vida Paddle out & rally, with food and live music at Rigg’s in Avon!

August 17th at Half Moon Point Music and dinner specials with 15% of the nights’ sales benefitting COA!

August 24th at Sunsets Riverfront Restaurant come to the 7th annual

Surf Costa Party for drinks, prizes and live music!

Ongoing at Canyon Pass Provisions $1 from every water-related item sold will benefit COA!

Ongoing $1 from every 2nd Jetty’s “Happy Lobster” ordered will benefit COA!



Support COA & these Ocean Leading Businesses This Summer!

Canyon Pass Provisions

Weston Galleries

Henry's Ocean City Jewlers

Patagonia Bowery

Half Moon Point Tavern and Grill

Donovan's Reef

Angel's Envy

Sweetwater Brewing

Aqua Vida

Lusty Lobster

Pinot's Palette

Weston Gallery

2nd Jetty

Tito's Vodka

Harpoon Willy's

Gold's Gym

Corner Marketing

Stacey As Pritchard

Glide Surf Co.

Four the Shore 
Tips for a Healthy Ocean

1) Reduce your single-use plastics
Learn how to "Kick Your Plastic Habit"

2) Keep beaches litter free!
Leave the beach cleaner than you found it.

3) Stay current on water quality at

4) Support sea-savvy businesses at the Jersey Shore

Successful Sea Stories

Henry's Landmark Jeweler

"As "America's greatest Family Resort," and as a perennial finalist among America's Top Beaches, Ocean City, NJ certainly recognizes the crucial importance of our most valuable asset: the natural, unspoiled beauty of our shores.  

Henry's -- Ocean City's Landmark Jeweler -- is proud to sponsor COA, dedicated as it is to preserving the vitality of our oceans, and our customers consistently thank us for supporting such a committed, meaningful organization. "

Canyon Pass Provisions, Fair Haven, NJ

 When we were in the planning stages for Canyon Pass Provisions, we elected to visit 10-15 retailers in the outdoor specialty niche within 300 miles of Fair Haven.  The most successful entities, and those most enthusiastic about their place in the industry, were those making an extra effort to connect with their local communities.  These outliers in the increasingly competitive brick-and-mortar space were organizing events, hosting in-store lectures, collaborating with other local businesses, and supporting the efforts of local not-for-profits.  This is an approach that we strive to implement in Fair Haven and throughout Monmouth County.  Our visits simply helped confirm what we already knew….that any business worth running should have the wherewithal to provide financial support to local not-for-profits that work on behalf of our communities and their residents.

Although Canyon Pass Provisions is an outdoor lifestyle retailer, our bond with Clean Ocean Action was not driven simply by their commitment to the environment.  We love the outdoors, we appreciate clean beaches, we worship nature, and we have a tremendous respect for the incredible achievements of the COA staff over the past 30+ years.   That said, we are also entrepreneurs and business people.  As life-long residents of Monmouth County, we understand the tremendous impact that COA’s environmental stewardship has on our local economy – real estate values, tourism, beach businesses, marinas, the fishing industry, and more.  Our waterways and beaches drive people to live, work, and ultimately shop in our communities.  For these reasons and more, we encourage our fellow businesses to support COA and other well-managed and meaningful not-for-profits.

We have had excellent success at Canyon Pass Provisions linking in-store sales and special events to fundraising efforts on behalf of COA.  Ten percent of our Black Friday and Earth Day weekend sales were donated to COA.  Each and every time we sell a water bottle or insulated pint glass, we set aside $1 for COA.  We encourage our customers to support Beach Sweeps and other COA events via our social media platforms and meet-ups.  These are small, but meaningful efforts that support COA’s programs and help our customers invest in and recognize our commitment to the local community.  We know there are more established local businesses who have been leading this charge for years, but we also know that many more could renew their commitment to being impactful supporters of COA and the other well-managed and admirable not-for-profits in Eastern Monmouth County.

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FAX: (732) 872-8041

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