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Recycle Your Plastic Caps!

Did you know that the majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled?  Instead, often these caps become trash or litter, ending-up in landfills and on beaches, or washing into our rivers and oceans.  Birds and marine life mistake caps for food with tragic results.  The magnitude of this pollution problem is devastating to our oceans and wildlife.


What Can You Do?

Avoid buying single use bottles.  Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of lids.  This includes laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, yogurt, etc. in addition to soda and juices.

Buy plastic that is recyclable, typically only #1 and #2.


To find out where you can recycle #5 plastics, visit this website.  There are select Whole Foods stores that collect #5 plastics to be recycled.  This includes hard plastic lids from common household items, such as soda and water bottles, shampoo and lotion containers, and detergent.  Or, you can send your caps to:

ACA Waste Services

40 Eads Street

West Babalyon, NY  11704

(631) 269-3800

Please mark the box of bottle caps "CAP Program"

Clean Ocean Action will continue to provide meaningful solutions to reduce plastics in the environment, for example, by promoting reusable bottles and bags, community litter cleanups, and school presentations.


Clean Ocean Action is NOT collecting bottle caps.

In 2009, Clean Ocean Action partnered with Aveda to run a bottle cap recycling contest to bring awareness and help the environment.  Click here for 2009 "Flip Your Lids" Contest Winners & Photos.


Aveda continues to be a pioneer in environmental leadership. The Aveda Full Circle recycling program encourages you to bring back and deposit any empty Aveda package or accessory that cannot be recycled through your local curbside program.  In addition to all nonrecyclable packaging items, this includes items such as old makeup brushes, broken compacts, tubes, tubs, caps and more. Items such as applicator sponges, makeup clamshells and shopping totes are also encouraged.    


New York City residents:  In 2014, New York City expanded the recycling options available to residents.  Many 'rigid' plastics are now recyclable at curbside, including rigid plastic bottle caps.


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