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Sean Dixon is the Coastal Policy Attorney at Clean Ocean Action.  Sean is a graduate of Pace Law School, with a law degree in environmental law and an LL.M. in climate change law.  Sean also graduated from Boston University, where he studied marine biology and geology in the school’s Marine Program at Woods Hole, MA, and Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where he earned an M.E.M. and focused on climate change and coastal and marine ecosystems.  At Clean Ocean Action, Sean’s work ranges from dredged materials and coastal water quality to LNG imports/exports, offshore oil and gas activities, climate change, and coastal development.


Before joining Clean Ocean Action, Sean worked on commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska as a fisheries observer, was the first Graduate Research Fellow at Pace Law School’s Center for Environmental Legal Studies, and spent two years as a Lecturer at Yale University developing and teaching courses on ocean and coastal policy and marine resource management.


Sean is the Chair of the American Bar Association's Spring Conference on Environmental Law and is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program.

TEDxNavesink: LNG Exports

Check out this TED Talk Dixon gave at the TEDxNavesink event in September, 2013, on Liquefied Natural Gas Exports!

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