Title: Be the Solution to Ocean Pollution


Photo Credit: Joe Reynolds

photo courtesy of Joe Reynolds

Greetings, Friends of the Ocean!

This year will no doubt be a challenging and exciting year:
·         COA will be showcasing the new award winning film, A Plastic Ocean, throughout the region.  The fascinating and alarming movie will include discussion panels and action plans.  Keep posted for dates and locations.

·         Our Rally for the Navesink, a blue print to improving waterways, is in its second year, following a successful launch of citizen collaboration. Many sources of pollution have been identified, thanks to unique dogs from Environmental Canine Services, and causes are now being abated.

·         September will mark the 20th Anniversary of the end of ocean dumping. Stay tuned for actions and events.

·         Facing Ocean Acidification”, COA will institute a new public awareness program to help folks understand the impacts of this devastating trend on our planet, and on the plants and animals that are most at risk.

·         We are ushering in a new federal administration under President Trump. In New Jersey, every state elected office is up for election from Governor to Senate and Assembly; in New York City the Mayoral office is also up for election.  These are all opportunities for ocean protection and civil engagement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Together, we will be ever vigilant watchdogs - - sustaining and protecting our wild and harmful-industry-free ocean, reducing pollution in our waterways, and keeping our elected officials accountable. 

Ever onward,

Cindy Zipf

Executive Director


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